Spain hails the announcement of the Table of National Dialogue

Spain hails the announcement of the Table of National Dialogue


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain has issued on September 3 a communiqué in which the Spanish Government “hails the announcement of the round table of National Political Dialogue by the Government of Equatorial Guinea, and confirms the reception that this proposal has had among the Equatoguinean opposition.”

On August 28, the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, announced that he invited all the political forces legalized in the Nation, and those that live in other countries, to return to the Country to enter in this dialogue, for the purpose of their being able to legalize in the appropriate form their political parties, or, failing that, be reinserted in the legalized parties, according to the current laws.


This announcement, which has had a wide impact on the international level, has been hailed by the Spanish Government, which is confident “that the Table will revitalize the political dialogue and it supposes a broad and inclusive process, which facilitates and develops the participation of the political and social actors of Equatorial Guinea in the democratic governance of the country.

Inclusive dialogue among the different perspectives is the road to reach the consensuses necessary in order to secure the full development of Equatorial Guinea.”

Finally, the communiqué reiterated the commitment of Spain to the political, economic and social development of the people of Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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